How to create a new email address


There are two method for you to create email accounts. 


First Method: From Cpanel 

1) Login to your Account Center -> "Emails" On the Top Menu.


2) Activate email service for your domain name. If you did not map your domain name , you would not see any domain here , please go to map your domain to site at first.


3) Scroll down the "Actions" tab beside your domain name and select "Manage users&quotas"


4) Click "+Add Email user". Please note that after you activate email service,our system will auto create domain Email Administrator account "Postmaster@yourdomain".You will not be able to delete it due to you need to use it to manage other mail accounts from web mail interface.


5) Fill in email user info here : 


6) Now you will be able to see your new mail address here.



7) You can login to this email account now:

    Go to DNS/IP, click manage domain.

You will see your mail server Address here.Mail500X.site4now is the mail server address. We will auto create Cname record for mail.yourdomain to our mail server address. If your domain is with our name servers. You will be able to use mail.yourdomain instead of mail server address.
Login to Web mail via mail server address or mail.yourdomain  

Second method : From web mail interface with Postmaster account.

Login with Postmaster email account. 
Choose timezone when first Login 
Go to left panel --->Settings 
Domain settings --->users 
Right panel ---> Click New button
Fill in user info and check/uncheck some features for that email user 
Save it
Now you will see the new created mail account here