How to backup and restore an DotNetNuke web application to your hosting account

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Here's a simple guide to give you an overview of what you need to do to move an DotNetNuke web application to us.

  1. From your current hosting company, you need to ZIP your entire root folder.  Make sure all your files are backup.
  2. Download the backup file to your local computer.
  3. From your current hosting company, Please backup your DotNetNuke Mssql Database.   
  4. Download the database backup file to your local computer.
  5. Now, FTP your files to your hosting account root folder.
  6. Login to your hosting control panel -> Database Manager and create a new mssql database.
  7. After a database is created, on the left handside of your database, you should see a Restore Icon.  Click on Restore and choose to restore your database by uploading a backup file.
  8. Choose the database backup file that's currently in your local computer and click restore.
  9. Now your database has been restored, you will need to look for your DotNetNuke Config file. The file is Web.config, open the file and update database server name, database name, database username and database password to be the new database you just created.
  10. Please set the site type for your DotNetNuke website, you can login your hosting account-->website domain manager-->site type to choose the corresponding script and mode.
  11. Login to your database, file the table 'DNN_PortalAlias', edit the portalias url to your temp url or the domain which is pointing to this new hosting account(When you want to use another domain to browse your site.).
  12. Now try to browse your site using the TEMP URL/ the domain which is pointing to this new hosting account  and see.  You can find your TEMP URL in your hosting control panel -> Hosting Manager -> Website Domain Manager.  A temp URL should be something like http://yourUserID-001-site1.********

Note, if you are using a very old version of DNN, you may got redirection loop when you browse your dnn site, please change your site's trust level to medium to have a try, please click here to check how to change the trust level

You can also consider letting our support staff do the migration for you. We charge a one-time $49.95 migration fees for most of the commonly used web applications out there.