How to Send Email from phpBB with SMTP

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Send Email from phpBB with SMTP

We always recommend that you use SMTP with authentication to send email through authorized servers when using PHP Bulletin Board. Here's how:

Step 1: Log into the administrative back end of your phpBB installation.

Step 2: Once logged in, locate the email settings in the menu on the left hand side. Typically this is near the bottom under client communications.


Step 3: Configure the basic board-wide settings to enable e-mail, adjust the other general settings to your perference, and then, edit the SMTP settings.

Turn on SMTP by selecting yes for the first option

Set the SMTP server address to:

Set the SMTP server port to: 25

Set the SMTP authentication to: PLAIN

The SMTP username is the email address you want the mail to be sent from.

Below that, enter the corresponding password.

If you want to send out email from gmail account, the SMTP settings should be

User SMTP server for email: YES
SMTP server address: ssl://
SMTP server port:465
Authentication method for SMTP: LOGIN
SMTP username: [email protected]
SMTP password: Your gmail password




Use SMTP server for e-mail: YES
SMTP server address: tls://
SMTP server port: 465
Authentication method for SMTP: PLAIN
SMTP username: [email protected].
SMTP password: Your gmail password

Step 4: Once you have entered all your settings, click the Submit link at the bottom to save your changes. Now phpBB will send email through our authenticated outbound email servers.