How to download and upload files between your hosting account and local computer via FTP client?

This Article contains the basic steps to download/upload files via FTP client. Most of our customer like use FileZilla. So we take it as the Example. So you will need to download Filezilla and install it on your local computer at first. If you have many files or large files need to upload , please consider to zip them into one folder and then upload it. In your hosting control panel ---> File Manager panel , there is unzip button for you to release your files. 
1> Connect to your hosting account : 
2> How to Download files from your hosting account to your local computer.
3> How to upload from your local to your account folder. 
4> Remember to contact with us if you could not connect to your hosting account.
    4.1> If you get 530 error , user name ok , need password , you may fill in incorrect FTP password. You can reset it via your hosting control panel ---> Security manager ---> FTP user manager ---> below "Modify", you can fill in new password. 
    4.2> If you get timeout error , please consider to telnet the 21 port of FTP host to see if 21 port blocked on your local.