Login and Logout

1 QUICK START (Must Read)
You can purchase multiple hosting accounts under the same member account. If your member account username is demo, then your hosting account login id should be demo-001, demo-002, and so on. Using member account can login to member account center panel and using hosting account ID can login to hosting control panel.
Login to Member Account Center
1.Click Customer Login from our home page, it will redirect you to the login page, fill in your member account username and password to login to your member account
2. Then you will be able to see all features of member account center?
Login to Hosting Control Panel
You can login to your hosting account control panel from your member account or login to it with your hosting account login ID and password. 
1.Once you login to member account center, you will see all hosting account list of your member account and click Control Panel to login to hosting control panel
2.Then you will able to see all features of hosting control panel
Click on your username of member account center or hosting control panel , and select logout will be fine.