How to upload files or download files from control panel?

Control Panel V5 > Hosting Control Panel > Files
The file manager is facilitate to manage your website content online. You can compress, transfer files/folders etc via it. By default, we created two folders for every new customer under account root folder, the db folder and default site root folder. You can upload files into anyone of those folders, however, please do not upload files/folders into account root folder.
1. Login to your hosting account control panel --> Files, select a specific site root folder and click on the upload icon on that page to upload files to your account.
2. Login to your hosting account control panel --> Files, select a specific file and click on the download icon on that page to download it. Please note, you can not download a folder or multiple files via file manager. However, you can zip them first and then use the download function to download them.



If you got a blank page when you click 'upload'/'download' icon that is because you did not install Java runtime in your local, please download it and install it in your local first, you can download it by this link, and please follow this instruction to enable it. Now you can use the function freely.