How to order SSL certificate?

Control Panel V5 > Hosting Control Panel > SSL
In order to activate/purchase your SSL certificate, first, you need to decide whether you are going to use the certificate for or for There is a considerable difference between and
The SSL certificates that we sell can only be used on registered domains. In order to use an SSL, you need:
- A Dedicated IP address (can be ordered at your Account > "Add-Ons" if your hosting plan doesn't include one).
- A CSR generated on your web server with the correct domain/common name (If you host your website with, you can generate the CSR through our Control Panel > SSL).
- Correct contact information on WHOIS record for the domain.
The process of activating the certificate is:
1. log in to your account and go to hosting control panel -> SSL, click the "+ Buy SSL for $29/yr" button
2. select the SSL type you want and then click "Buy"
3. select the hosting account which you want to purchase this SSL for
4. it will ask you to purchase a static IP if your hosting account does not include one
5. make the payment
6. click "Click to Create CSR"
7. fill the CSR generation info, then click submit, the CSR will be generated automatically
8. you will then need to choose an approval email of your choice from a generic list of email addresses:
Note: For security reasons, an approval email can only be sent to any one of the generic email addresses, so if you do not have a valid mailbox for any of those email addresses, please set email forwarding(contact your domain registrar for support with this step).
9. Click Submit
You will then receive the approval email containing an authorization link and an authorization code at the email address that you chose while activating. Click on the link in the authorization link and enter the auth code to approve the certificate issuance. And our system will install the SSL for you automatically.