How to change VPN configuration to OpenVPN and set it up in client apps

If your region/location blocks the IKEv2 VPN connection, you can easily change the VPN configuration to OpenVPN type. Please see the following:
1. Go to your Account Member Center > VPN, and change the existing IKEv2 VPN to OpenVPN.
OpenVPN 1
2. Download the config file, which is named {your_vpn_username}.ovpn.
OpenVPN 2
Windows client
Download the OpenVPN Connect for Windows, install it, open the OpenVPN Connect client to import the previous {your_vpn_username}.ovpn file, and connect
OpenVPN 3 4 5
macOS client
Download the OpenVPN Connect for macOS, install it, choose the matched CPU type if it requires, open the previous {your_vpn_username}.ovpn file, and it will automatically import the file and connect
Android client
Download the  Connect – OpenVPN App, install it, open the OpenVPN Connect client to import the previous {your_vpn_username}.ovpn file, and connect
iPhone client
Install the OpenVPN Connect, send the previous {your_vpn_username}.ovpn file as an email attachment to your iPhone email client, open the email, tap on the {your_vpn_username}.ovpn file, iPhone will open the bottom extension panel, choose OpenVPN to open it, and add it to connect
OpenVPN 6 7