How to update DNSname server for domains registered with

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This article covers the steps necessary to change the name server records for domain names registered with This information should be used when updating your domain name to point to your account at The instructions were gathered from the web site FAQs.
  • Login to your eNom account at
  • Choose menu option "DOMAINS"
  • Click "my domains"
  • Click the domain name you wish to work with
  • Click "change" button, under top section "DNS SERVER"
  • Select user
  • Click save changes
  • Enter the following nameserver information:
  • Both name servers are required
  • Click save changes button.
Additional Information

Name server updates typically take 12 to 24 hours, though in some cases the propagation of the change can take up to 72 hours. Site users may report problems accessing your site at during this time. Until propagation is complete, requests to your domain name may point to your previous host.

If do not remember your username and password, send a request to eNom support at, or go to

Please note that the procedures for making changes at are subject to change. If you find that any part of this article is inaccurate, please let our technical support department know so that we can update this article.