FAQ of WHOIS Privacy

Domain names/DNS
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN, has a policy that requires contact details for registered domains to be published to a public WHOIS database. Once you enable Whois Privacy protection, your contact details will be shielded from public viewing. Emails sent to the address listed in the whois information will automatically forward to you.

I. What is WHOIS Privacy?

WHOIS Privacy is a service which can be added to your domain name. When a domain name is registered, your personal information is attached to the domain name and is visible to the public. The WHOIS Privacy service updates your domain name with generic information, protecting your identity. Parties wishing to contact you may do so through an intermediary address at www.contactprivacy.com. Your personal information will never be made available.

II. What domain name extensions (TLDs) are eligible for WHOIS Privacy?

Sadly, Whois Privacy is not supported on all domain extensions. Here are the domain extensions that DO support Whois privacy:
com, net, org, info, biz, bz, cc, co, me, mobi, tel, tv, ws