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.BZ Registrations

.BZ is the TLD for Belize, and is regulated by the Afilias registry.

Registration of .BZ domains is done in the same way as it is for General TLDs (gTLDs).
.BZ is an open registry; you do not have to be a resident or business operator in Belize to register a .BZ domain.

There are certain names that are not available for registration. Consistent with ICANN procedures, all one and two-character country codes are reserved from registration. In addition, the following restrictions apply to .BZ domain names:

  • Domain names may include only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-").

  • Domain names cannot begin or end with a hyphen.

  • Domain names cannot have more than 63 characters, not including extensions.

  • Minimum length of a second or third level domain name is 3 characters, not including extensions.

The minimum registration period for .BZ domains is one year and the maximum is ten years.