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.ME Registrations

.ME is the country code TLD for Montenegro; however, Montenegro has made its name space available to any interested registrants, regardless of residency. .ME is regulated by the Afilias registry.
he minimum registration period for .ME domains is one year and the maximum is ten years.

Domain names may contain the English letters a through z, and the digits 0 through 9.

Reserved names

There are certain names that are not available for registration. Consistent with ICANN procedures, all one and two-character country codes are reserved from registration. In addition, the following restrictions apply to .ME domain names:

  • Minimum length for the second level domain name is three characters.

  • Maximum name length (excluding "http://www" and ".ME") is 63 characters.

  • Hyphens cannot be used for the first or last character of the second level domain name.

  • Spaces and special characters (for example, !, $, &) are not permitted.

For a list of reserved names, use this link:

.ME Residency Requirements

There are no residency requirements for .ME domains.