I signed up using my own domain and updated my DNS from registrar. Why doesn't my domain work?

Domain names/DNS
If you have properly updated your DNS information to use Dreamnix.com's name servers(NS1.SITE4NOW.NET, NS2.SITE4NOW.NET, NS3.SITE4NOW.NET) yet the domain does not work or is still pointing to the previous hosting company, you are likely experiencing DNS Caching.  

After you make the update with your Domain Registrar, the internet will not instantly recognize your new domain name information. There are hundreds of domain registrars and all of the modifications and new registrations need to be synchronized with the central (root) DNS servers. This process typically takes less than a day, but can take as long as 72 hours.

Therefore, if you run a whois lookup on your domain name, it may be properly updated in the whois database offered by your Domain Registrar. However the central DNS servers may not have been updated yet.

Additionally, all Internet Service Providers maintain their own local DNS cache. So even if the central DNS servers have been updated with your domain's new name servers, the ISPs local DNS servers can still cache your old information. In which case users of that ISP will still be taken to your previous location.

It takes from 24 to 72 hours for your new domain name location to propagate through the entire internet. You may notice that some users will be taken to your new location at Dreamnix.com, while others will be taken to your previous location.

This DNS Caching period is a normal occurrence and is unavoidable.

Additional Information

Mail servers will also send email to different locations depending on the local DNS cache they are using. So it is possible that you may not get all of your email during this DNS caching period. We recommend that you immediately set up all your email addresses, duplicating the email setup at your previous host.

While your DNS changes are propagating, you can use the FTP address to upload your files and your temp URL to view your site. FTP address and temp URL can be found from Control Panel.