Do you provide email autoresponders?

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We provide email autoresponders. They can customized to suit your specific needs; Subject, HTML or plain text message body, limit responses to one per day per sender, etc.

Autoresponders are associated with an existing email account, so they can be turned on and off as needed (i.e. for use as a vacation message). To set up the Auto-Responder for an email account,

* Login to your Smarter Mail account
* Click on "Settings" button
* Click on "Auto-Responder" link
* Select "Enable auto-responder" check box
* Navigate to "Auto-Responder Message" tab and write in the Subject and Message
* Click "Save" button

For more information on Auto-Responder and its options, please click the "Help" link in the upper right corner of the SmarterMail webmail application and select "Help for this Page."