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I wound up looking for a new host, and could not have found Dreamnix at a better time. My previous host's reliability was going downhill rapidly, and so far I have had very reliable and quick web server response time. I'm still new to the service, and to be honest I'm putting a 5 star rating on tech support as well, even though I have not needed to utilize it. The fact that I have not needed to utilize tech support, all by itself earns the extra 5 star rating, and as well shows that the service is in fact reliable, priced very well, and is a perfect solution when a great asp based web app is needed. Two thumbs up from me. ~Christopher Beck

Interfaces are very clean and easy to use. SSL, database and file managers really fast with ease of use. Support is great. Ticket system is fast and good. I'm very glad to use them as my hosting services. Keep up the work, guys! ~Gokhan Gencer

I have been trying Dreamnix on free mode and the experience I got is awesome. The support team is always there for me whenever I need them, I never experienced any problem. The control panel is great too and you won't need rocket science to know it. I can manage my website so easily even make a few changes without resubmitting the whole bundle again. Dreamnix is the best. ~José Luiz

I decided to upgrade my skills as I began the development work for a new website to showcase my little woodworking business. I am using PHP and attempting to make the most of bootstrap layouts and jQuery. Thus far, the integration and ease of code deployment offered by Dreamnix has been outstanding. It is obvious that they understand the capabilities and challenges of web development and provide an excellent level of integration and support. Oh, and one more plus....the technical support team answers emails quickly, even when they should be sleeping. Hmm....maybe I should be sleeping, too! ~Jackie

I'm coming from a webhost that can't keep my site up for more than 4 hours at a time. Using the Free Plan, my site has been up for over 24 hrs already with no problems. Signup and Control Panel were easy to use as well. ~Michael B

The free hosting option was great! The interface is very easy to use and manage, and I love having access to mySQL databases remotely! I plan to upgrade to the PRO plan! ~Xanthmo

I am a developer have been using for two months now to host a new website I created. I needed an mySQL database with my website. I am just getting started, so I am not really bringing any money in yet. I want a hosting plan that is inexpensive. So far, my experience with them has been good. I have been able to figure out all of their tools and the website has been up and running. I have made changes to the website and data several times and uploaded the changes without a problem. I am going to stick with them for now. ~Cheryl are by far the easiest and most reliable hosting provider I've used. Customer service is excellent. ~Ohad

Excellent Startup and Support! I'm moving from my current provider where I had a ton of problems to Dreamnix and I ran the free plan to verify I could transfer my databases and everything is looking very good. With only one database allowed in the trial, I had to transfer one database at a time and test that portion. I had an app database, a store database, and a forum database and all worked great. I tried a second provider but they were unable to transfer my databases. I had some questions during this period (half day) and support was excellent. The only thing I could not verify is SSL support but I'm pretty confident that will be as easy as the startup. [Update: I'm now fully up and running with a free SSL. Support was again excellent answering all my questions within an hour. I am very pleased with the experience and can now focus on selling my product.] ~Mark Fredrickson

No issues with free plan so far. I'm starting now with Dreamnix. I transferred here one of my sites which works with an mySQL Server db and the test showed no runtime issues and good performance. The support is very responsive too, which is a plus in this business. The only drawback I noticed, in my opinión, is the free plan diskspace only has 1GB. I had to delete a few things to test my site. At last, It all seems very smooth and powerful and I hope the websites hosting will work great as expected. ~Alessandro Cattani

Fast, and inexpensive! I've been very impressed with the service during my free plan. Site response has been consistently immediate. I hope it stays that way now that I am signing up for a paid plan. ~Jeff Mather

I've been evaluating Dreamnix for the past two months. I've found that the service is great and that the value that they offer is worth every penny that we pay. Highly recommendable service. ~Jose Luis Romero

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