How can I Lock or Unlock my domain?

Control Panel > Member account managerment

Please note: not all domains support REGISTRAR-LOCK. UK domains (,, etc.) can not be locked or unlocked as UK domains utilize IPS Tags to 
control domain transfers. For more info, please refer What is an IPS Tag

REGISTRAR-LOCK is a status code that can be set on a domain name by the sponsoring registrar of the domain name. This is usually done in order to prevent unauthorized, unwanted or accidental changes to the domain name.

When set, the following actions are prohibited by the domain name registry:

  • Modification of the domain name, including:
    • Transferring of the domain name
    • Deletion of the domain name
  • Modification of the domain contact details

When your domain is registered from us, please follow the instructions below to Lock/Unlocal your domain

1. Login to your member account, click 'Domain' from the top left banner

2. Click 'Manager' button beside the domain

3. Edit 'Domain locked' status