How to manage Affiliate Program in your account

Control Panel V3 > Account Center > Affiliate
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If you are using our new control panel, please go to below link.
Every customer (includes free trial account) will automatically become our affiliate. You can manage your Affiliate Program in your Member account --> Affiliate. 
1. Get Started!
To refer a customer to us, you can simply copy the URLs which is shown as below screenshot and share it to your client:
2. Referrals
From this section, you can check your total free referrals and qualified free/trial account:
3. Pending
You can check your pending commission from both paid accounts and free accounts:
4. Current
You can check your received commission which is available to pick up:
5. Pay Log
From here, you can check your withdraw history:
6. Withdraw
You can withdraw your commission directly from here:
If you choose to convert your commission to your account balance, you'll get extra 10% of your commission.