How to access hosting account via SSH (Terminal OS X)

SSH Access

If you use Mac OS X, you don’t need to install a third-party client like PuTTY to connect to your hosting account via Secure Shell (SSH). Instead, you can use Terminal - a command line emulation program.

Before you start, make sure SSH access is enabled for your hosting account. 

    1. Open your Terminal application: 

      You will see a window with a user$ sign and a blinking cursor. This is your basic command prompt. 
            From in here, you can establish an SSH connection to your hosting server:

    To connect, you need to execute the following command: 

         ssh USER@SERVER -pPORT

        USER: user you want to establish the SSH connection for - root or cPanel username 
        SERVERhostname/IP of the server you are connecting to 
        PORT: connection port - 21098 for a shared server, 22 - for a VPS/Dedicated server 

   2. Now the computer will attempt to connect to your hosting server. If it is your first time connecting to the server, you will see a message asking you to confirm the connection establishment. Type yes and press the Enter key to proceed: 

    3. You will be asked to input the SSH login details. Type it in and press Enter. 

             NOTE: The cursor will not be moving when you will be entering your password:

    4. If all is good, you will see a line beginning with [user@server ~]$ , this will indicate that the SSH connection has been successfully established: